Thing 21: *Research

This week we’re looking towards the future. Specifically, your future.

If you’re considering a career in research; either in academia, or in a support role, being an effective user of this Thing will help you to maintain your awareness of current issues, trends, and opportunities.


*Research has existed for 20 years, and as a company it describes itself as a “Knowledge Innovation Network”. It offers several leading services to universities across the UK and Ireland, some of which we will describe in more detail below. From here however, you can look at research job listings in areas such as research policy, management, support and even expert committees. You can also subscribe to job alerts.

*Research Professional

*Research Professional boasts “Total funding awareness”, and it achieves this through its online database, and through various subscription journals, including *Research Fortnight. It covers all research disciplines, all types of funding sources, and all grant amounts, from across the world. It has various filtering options (guidance here) that ensure you can only search for funding that is applicable to you.

*Research Professional is itself a subscription service which Surrey has invested in. Here is an excerpt from pages maintained by Research and Enterprise Support at the University of Surrey:

The University of Surrey subscribes to Research Professional, the electronic news and research alerts service provided by Research Fortnight. This database of funding opportunities and news articles can be accessed from the University’s internal network, using the “campus access” option on the Research Professional front page.

This service also enables staff and students at the University to set up an individual account and create personal searches and email alerts for up-to-date news items regarding research policy and funding. Please use your University of Surrey e-mail address when registering to ensure that you are able to access all the services that Surrey subscribes to.

User guides and tips are available from the Help pages on *Research Professional itself, from Research and Enterprise Support, and there is also this document which was lovingly prepared by Dr Sam Hopkins from the Researcher Development Programme (N.B. This document is NOT covered by the 23 Things for Research Surrey Creative Commons license).


Use the instructions on *Research Professional to log in and set up an individual profile. Have a look at the options for personalised alerts and select any or all that are relevant to you.

If you have a research project in mind currently, you may also wish to use the instructions in Dr Sam Hopkins’s guide to looking at funding opportunities that are currently available. Perhaps your idea isn’t for a research project but a dissemination or impact project following your participation in 23 Things.

Euraxess provides links and information on potential funding sources so that you can discover research opportunities on an international level. Euraxess has a searchable database for funding opportunities and this is specifically for fellowships and here is a list of places that may offer funding.

One to Watch – *Unity

*Unity is a ‘cloud collaboration platform for academia’ to which Surrey is subscribed. This service allows users to share files and discuss subjects online, not only with users at their own institution but at all subscribing universities.


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